My name is Sharon…a/k/a “ADMIN”. I’m dangerously close to 50 years old. My family and I live in the Lake Texoma area. We’re just like the rest of the families out there trying to figure out why we can’t have anything nice.

We will never have money in the budget to bail our kids out of jail, so it’s very important we don’t mess up this parenting gig so the kids can become productive members of society.

That’s what I mostly write about…parenting and family stuff, like these topics:

NURTURE: I think building an emotional connection and bond with our kiddos is important for them to develop into emotionally intelligent adults. Supplementing their education with activities, exploration and projects is equally important.

TEACH: I try to match local activities and our fun based on the requirements for the school curriculum. That’s hard here in Texas because many of our museums and hands on learning opportunities are not exclusively related to early Colonial history or world history. Not all teaching is done in a museum or classroom. Most teaching goes on right in our own households. Kids are learning by watching our behavior and by practicing with us how to develop skills.

COOK: I love love love cooking! And I am a really really really bad cook. So I take my own kitchen fails and try to analyze what went wrong so others can learn from my mistakes.

More About Me….

  • Before Covid-19 interrupted our world, I coordinated parent workshops “How to Be An Advocate for Your Child” in Grayson and Fannin Counties. Each workshop features a guest speaker who is an expert in some way, shape or form about children with learning challenges. If your child is struggling in school with behavior or learning, then you might want to check out one of the workshops once we get them restarted.

  • My husband and I were jet engine mechanics in the Navy.  He is a Retired Senior Chief who served 27 years, and I only did four years.  Raising young children is probably not how he envisioned spending his retirement. He is their bonus dad and I could not feel luckier because he devotes his whole world to me and these kids.
  • My medical records labeled all three of my pregnancies as “geriatric”. But I secretly wish I would have had kids as a teenager because you’d be seeing pictures of me living in Jamaica right now if these kids were adults. My kids are named after United States assassinated Presidents. Weird, I know. But I really wanted them to have a very personal reason to pay attention in school.
  • I am an active volunteer with the Military Veteran Peer Network in Texoma and I try really hard to stay in the loop about local community resources. I’m really bad at writing about it though.
  • We live in North Texas at Lake Texoma, in the boonies.  That means we drink well water and have cows for neighbors.  Sometimes we have wild hogs for neighbors. Ugh, those wild hogs are the worst!

  • I am an independent contractor and love to help other individuals and companies achieve goals by helping with instructional design projects, photography, ghost writing and other misc services.

This is what I look like when I eat donuts vs. broccoli.
This is my “I’ve been eating broccoli for months” look
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