Hi!  Thank you for visiting the Texoma Family website to get some insights about Texoma businesses, raising kiddos in Texoma and local Veteran activities . 


Texoma Family is a website devoted to helping families learn about local events, businesses, Lake Texoma fun and hopefully some helpful parenting information.

My name is Sharon…a/k/a “ADMIN”. I’m dangerously close to 50 years old, and here are some fun personal things about me:

  • During the school year, I coordinate parent workshops “How to Be An Advocate for Your Child” in Grayson and Fannin Counties. Each workshop features a guest speaker who is an expert in some way, shape or form about children with learning disabilities. If your child is struggling in school with behavior or learning, then you might want to check out one of the workshops!

  • My husband and I were jet engine mechanics in the Navy.  He retired after serving 27 years, and I only did four years.  Raising young children is probably not how he envisioned spending his retirement.

  • My medical records labeled all three of my pregnancies as “geriatric”. But I secretly wish I would have had kids as a teenager because you’d be seeing pictures of me living in Jamaica right now if my kids were adults.
  • I am an active volunteer with the Military Veteran Peer Network in Texoma and I try really hard to stay in the loop about local community resources.

  • In my past life, I helped hard working people who were facing financial devastation after suffering life-altering health events like cancer, heart attack, strokes, and injuries. Now I help people BEFORE those things happen….by talking to businesses and families helping them be responsible by getting prepared ahead of time with cancer, heart attack/stroke and injury coverage.
  • We live in North Texas at Lake Texoma, in the boonies.  That means we drink well water and have cows for neighbors.  Sometimes we have wild hogs for neighbors. Ugh, those are the worse!

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