Let Your Kids Learn How to use a Rotary Phone

rotary phone

If you want to create a fun memory with your kiddos that they’ll be talking about into their old age, have them try to figure out an old rotary phone.  You can probably find one of these relics in a thrift shop for cheap. 

When you locate one, have your phone ready to video a laughter-filled and perhaps a bit of a frustrating moment.  It’s just hilarious because even the smartest of kids who have never used this type of phone cannot instantly figure it out. 

We had this experience at the Sam Rayburn House in Bonham…there is a semi-functional phone in the visitor center.  I thought for sure the oldest would figure it out, but nope.

Whenever we need a fun laugh, we just roll the video and giggle away!  Try it with your kids and remember to capture the moment on video so it will remain a fun sharable family memory!

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