101 Free and Cheap Summer Activities in Texoma

The kiddos and I have made it a priority to seek out all the free and dirt cheap things to do specifically in Texoma.

All of them you can do during the summer, but many can be done any time of the year.   We’re equally excited about many of them, so we’re not listing them in any specific order.  

Just Free or Cheap!  Oh, and fun!

You’ll find that some of the activities on our list are some you won’t find on anyone else’s list of things to do simply because some of the best local adventures for kids are sometimes what we pass by everyday without even recognizing that it’s a fun activity!

We’ve done a lot of these activities ourselves, so we hope to give you some realistic ideas for fun things on a budget. 

Actually, this list is something we’ll constantly be adding to, so check back from time to time to see how much more we discover in the future.

Kids are money pits.  Going on vacation is costly.  Even going to the movies is a huge expense.  We went to see Lion King this summer & it cost us almost $150 once you factor in drinks and snacks.    So that’s NOT on the list!

My hope is that you read this list and make some new discoveries.  I’m sure some of these items you’ve already heard of or thought about…or maybe you’ve even done them before! 

But hopefully you’ll see some of the things on this list from a new perspective and try them!

1. Have a lemonade stand
2. Send your name into SPACE
3. Look for fossils at Lake Texoma
eisenhower birthplace denison texas
3. Visit Eisenhower’s Birthplace
rotary phone
4. Record your kids learning how to use a rotary phone

5. Visit the Texas Welcome Center

6. Visit the Oklahoma Welcome Center

7. Take a free Home Depot class

9. Join the Jr. Ranger Program (Eisenhower & Hagerman)

10. Take a free class at Chickasaw Council House Museum

11 . Hold a food drive for a local food pantry (we did this)

12. Get connected with Grayson and Austin College (we did this)

13. Sign up for tutoring at Austin College (we did this)

14. Make kindness rocks (we did this)

15. Go to the splash pad

16. Make homemade ice cream (we did this)

17. Check out “items” instead of books at the library

18. Make Popsicles (we did this)

18. Visit Harbor Wildlife Museum (we did this)

19. Attend a trial at the courthouse (teenagers)

20. Visit Perrin Museum (we did this)

21. Camp in your backyard (we did this)

22. Visit the Denison Dam (we did this)

23. Go on a photo walk

attend a health fair

24. Attend a health fair

25. Participate in the #trashtag challenge

26. Make a time capsule

fairy garden
27. Make a fairy garden
28. Take the kids geocaching
texoma parks
29. Discover new parks in Texoma

30. Find historical markers (we did this)

calming activities
31. Create a summertime playlist. Christmas songs are fun to include also!

32. Start a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle (we did this)

33. Take a tram tour of Hagerman

hagerman wildelife refuge butterfly garden
34. Visit the beautiful butterfly garden at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

35. Visit the Little Free LIbrary (we did this)

36. Make a fairy garden (we did this)

37. Plant a garden (we did this)

36. Take a day trip to the National Weather Center (we did this)

37. Look for fossils at Lake Texoma

38. Participate in summer activities at the library (we did this)

39. Have a garage sale  (we did this)

40. Start a gratitude journal

Visit the Sherman Museum
41. Visit the Sherman Museum

42. Explore one of Texoma’s many hiking trails (we did this)

43. Attend an outdoor movie (we did this)

44. Find a community Lunch & Learn class

45. Create a family cookbook (we did this)

46. Fly a kite

47. Research your family tree (we did this & you must read about it!)

48. Have a scavenger hunt

49. Play charades (we did this)

50. Visit the Red River Railroad Museum (we did this)

51. Volunteer in the community (we did this)

52. Take a day trip to another town (we did this)

53. Visit an old fort

54. Attend Vacation Bible School or volunteer at VBS

55. Find shapes in clouds (we did this)

56. Visit Outlaw Trails Museum in downtown Sherman (we did this)

57. Take a tour of the fire department in Denison, Sherman

58. Attend an outdoor concert

59. Cook different ethnic meals (we did this)

60. Write a silly story…everyone contributes a sentence (we did this)

61. Visit Fort Inglish

62. Make tie dye shirts

63. Feed ducks (we did this)

64. Create a hand-made craft gift

65. Pick flowers and make a flower arrangement

66. Visit a nursery to learn about plants (we did this)

67. Toss eggs or water balloons (we did this)

68. Count how many homes have Texas symbols (we did this)

69. Look for shooting stars

70. Get a free physical at the Grayson Health Clinic (we did this)

71. Tour the CS Roberts House

72. Make your own MadLibs story (we did this)

73. Chase butterflies or dragonflies

74. Make shadow puppets with a flashlight (we did this)

75. Visit Fort Washita

76. Do yoga (we did this)

77. Make conversation starters

78. Learn to Tie a Tie

79. Visit the Paris Eiffel Tower (we did this)

80. Visit an old cemetery (we did this)

81. Re-arrange a room (we did this)

82. Learn the military alphabet (we did this)

83. Sample mystery food using a cupcake pan (we did this)

84. Go fishing!

85. Re-create an event on the news (we did this)

86. Go RV shopping (if you’ll be in the market for one soon) (we did this)

87. Learn to sew (we did this)

88. Build a fairy garden (we did this)

89. Make a photo booth (we did this)

90. Visit the animal shelter (we did this)

91. Make kindness rocks (we did this)

92. Learn the Git Up Dance (we did this)

93. Make a special dinner and serve your parents

94. Win a trip to Washington DC while sharpening your essay skills

95. Do calming activities

96. Guess how to use a rotary phone (we did this)

97. Start an ongoing board or chess game (we did this)

98. Attend “Coffee with the Mayor”

99. Rearrange a room in your home

100. Learn how to play a musical instrument

101. Adopt a spot at the community garden

102. Visit the Sam Rayburn House

Okay, we’re still working on this list!!

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