Curbside Shopping & Other Pandemic Phenomenons

full gas tank gauge

Who knew that shopping online and doing curbside pickup would become a “thing” in 2020? Or that cute face masks would become the latest trend in the U.S.?

My husband and I first used Kroger’s curbside pick up in 2018 when we both ended up with the flu at the same time, and it was so convenient for someone who cannot go shopping inside the store. I didn’t want to “abuse” the curbside service or take away from anyone else who really needed it, so I never used it again until this Coronavirus Pandemic.

But wow! What a great option for grocery shopping when you’re trying to hide from society.

$1.19/gallon for gas here in Texoma…that’s practically free. And the gas pump handle has never before been so clean and sparkly…I sanitized it myself, along with the screen and every button on the pump. While the low price of gas is not attributed to the pandemic, the clean gas pump definitely is.

We’re low on trash bags, but no worries. The post office is delivering some by mail soon. Why can you order everything else curbside or through the mail, but when it comes to toilet paper you are forced to enter the store?

Drive thru suddenly tastes like a gourmet chef prepared your food.

The bookstore delivered fresh reading material straight to my vehicle in the parking lot.

They really treat ya like you’re the only customer when you are indeed the only customer.

I did a porch pick up for a lot of food items that a dear friend donated, then I did a porch drop off with her donation for a non-profit organization that feeds people in our community.

They have to buy some of their items in bulk, but since the stores aren’t allowing that right now, they’ve resorted to bartering food in bulk with other organizations who have specific needs for impossible to find bulk items…they’re in the same boat.

Never thought we’d witness the day when food actually becomes traded as if it’s currency. That’s just a temporary side effect of this pandemic, but still a valuable first-hand learning experience!

I’ve been sanitizing every single package and grocery item that comes into our house….before it enters the house because my sanitizing station is in the garage. Plus, any cell phone or keys that have traveled outside of our yard.

My groceries have never been so clean!

The teachers are getting to see the inside of our houses now through the magic of online video learning! TV has changed some because so many news anchors are reporting from their houses now instead of being inside a studio. Interesting stuff. I like seeing everyone’s living room.

And I’ve learned a whole lot more than I ever wanted to know about what the treatment for severe COVID-19 is.

I have great news about my brother.

His heart is in good shape after all. The doctor thought he was in heart failure, but they did an exploratory procedure with a camera and everything looks really good in his heart. He’s still on the ventilator, but any small news of progress is a huge celebration in our hearts.

Stay well, my friends!

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