The Best Thing About Coronavirus Is All The Memes


One of the earliest memes to emerge gives us a somber reminder that our current situation is a lot easier than what our nation asked of previous generations. Seniors graduating this year have to miss out on so much, but at least they don’t have to go away to a vicious war.

I’ve seen various versions of Pennywise the Clown luring people into the sewers with things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I read the book IT on spring break when I had the flu in high school. I hate that clown, but the memes make me laugh.

coronavirus weekend planning

This house blueprint is a true illustration of sarcasm…a map for some weekend travel ideas. This is one of my favorites because it’s genuinely something that is outrageously sarcastic, but oh so true!

The whole world can relate to this meme. Unfortunately, some people do not have such a large number of traveling options in their home or apartment.

Many of us in rural Texas are lucky because we usually have large backyards…like, a few acres of yard!

Everything in our lives changed and accelerated at warp speed. One thing after another all came crashing down. It was hard to keep up with…kind of like a kid telling you about some crazy dream!

Except this was real.

The “hold my beer” meme is just funny simply because it’s ironic that the virus has the same name as a brand of beer. I don’t think this one would really have such a irony to it if that play on names wasn’t part of it. But it works, and it’s the truth!


We only made it to Day 4 before the hair problems started.

We keep hearing “Wash Your Hands and everything will be fine”….but maybe Tom Hanks didn’t get the memo?

So this really happened in my household. In my defense, I was a CPR instructor years ago, so I know that someone cannot actually freely speak to you whenever they are truly choking.

I know my child wasn’t choking, and I really was relieved to know the cause of his cough!

It’s happening to all of us…we’re losing track of the days.

And who wouldn’t like to just skip this year or fast forward into 2021? I think this one sums it all up for everyone.

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