Here’s What Happens When We Have Too Much Time On Our Hands

I think the US would have been a lot more comfortable with a zombie invasion instead of a microscopic virus. We’re all familiar with zombies and we’ve spent years preparing for how to deal with them.

My plan is to send all the zombies to the laundry room because they’ll never find their way out of there.

This invisible COVID-19 enemy has ruined our zombie preparedness plans. And we don’t have a Plan B for this situation because none of the zombie shows thought to incorporate a secondary pandemic into their plots.

It’s interesting watching how people are utilizing all of this down time while the world is closed.


My friend keeps posting pictures of LOKI the dog dressed in a new style each day. LOKI has his own Instagram account, and he’s really a very chill dog.

He doesn’t seem to mind dressing up as the Easter bunny, or wearing a crown, but I suspect he’s probably ready for the stay at home order to be lifted.

Apparently people recognize him when he’s out in public. Except he’s not out in public anymore!

Loki on Easter

I’m just impressed by the massive shoe collection Loki’s mom has! Her closet needs its own Instagram account.


And then there is a FB group called “View From My Window.” People from across the world post a picture they take looking out of their window or porch during the shut down.

Views from Norway, Australia, Italy, Israel, Brasil, Canada, Finland, Pakistan, Mexico, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand and so many more locations.

I’ve never seen this many pictures of people’s yards from all over the world before. It’s an intimate look into their lives; another side of those tourist hot spot locations that you’ll never get to see while traveling there.

And the fun part is that you never know what you’ll see from someone’s window!

Kangaroos, bears, deer, elephants, chickens, goats, zebras, mountains, beautiful bodies of water, views of buildings, empty streets, rainbows, beautiful city scapes.

There was even a view of earthquake destruction outside of someone’s window.

With all the wild animals coming out of the woods into backyards and on the streets, I keep expecting Big Foot to make an appearance at anytime.

Personally, the most interesting picture is of a laundry line outside of the window with a backdrop of a few buildings. The woman posting it said that the laundry is the only thing in her view that changes.

Come to think of it, I’d really like to see everyone’s laundry room, just to see if their zombie invasion plan is the same as mine.

And part of me wonders if I am the only one who social distancing from their laundry room during this time?

Seeing everyone’s views prompted me to investigate my own viewpoint to to find some type of beauty around here. It’s easy for your own view to grow mundane until you are forced to look at it from a different perspective.

Usually I see my backyard as a mud pit or doggy pooping ground. Of course we’ve been shut-in during the rainiest weeks of the year so far.

But when I looked out my window trying to see beauty, it was there in some form.

The green on the trees shows the start of the newness that Spring brings each year. I’ve been so focused on adjusting to our temporary normal that I had forgotten that Spring is my favorite time of year.

view from my window backyard during covid
texas blue skies over a field

With all the rain we’ve had lately, a blue sky with clouds is a sight for sore eyes!

And I have missed the early morning sun that peeks onto my neglected screened porch. The same porch that my husband and I have slept on during cool nights just for the fun of it in the past. The same porch where we’ve eaten several fun-filled family dinners.

Life during this pandemic reminds me how much I really love my porch.


Who has made bread during this pandemic? Who else is sick of cooking every meal? Actually, we’ve instituted the “fend for yourself” type of meal at least once a day. These kids are old enough to feed themselves, thankfully.

My kiddos have been doing some of the cooking, or pitching in on occasion whenever I make a meal. My girls made biscuits on their own using a simple recipe that requires minimal ingredients and no yeast.

Keto is out. Survival food is in.


Boredom is hard.

Families are used to being able to head out of the house on a whim whenever we feel like it. But nowadays even a drive down the road is considered an “activity”.

How did we ever survive back in the days without internet or cell phones?

before electricity

It finally stopped raining long enough here in North Texas for us to plant a small little raised bed garden, which means we’ll soon have new growth to look at from our window. We were late planting this year, but who cares…it was one of the most exciting things we’ve done so far.

Planting vegetables is a very fitting survival activity during a pandemic! It was a great outside activity for the kiddos.

Day whatever; We looked at the moon

One night our “activity” was looking at the moon. I can’t remember what night that was, because the days are hard to keep up with.

Men seem to be doing a little better during this shut down than the women. The men have more options for shopping. Hardware and home improvement stores are open, auto parts stores are open, the tire store is open.

Meanwhile, we females are having to give ourselves mani/pedis while watching our hair slowly turn back to its original color.

And here in Texas, gun shops are very essential businesses. The outdoor gun range is open also. Texans have priorities, ya know.

Our healthcare system in the US has pretty much come to a temporary halt, as elective procedures are not an option right now.

A lady I know had her yearly gynecology visit via video the other day.

Ha! I assume she technically has to go in to the office at a future date to actually get the physical exam. But the visit with the doctor took place already.

Glad I had my gall bladder surgery a week before the world stopped turning.


Some people are doing more than just staying home to save the world. There is a group of people with RVs and travel trailers who loan them out to medical staff so they can isolate from their families while still being “home”.

I’ve learned from that group that there are actually doctors and nurses who have been staying in tents in their yard, or sleeping in their garage so they can keep their families away from the virus. Not to mention the ones who have rented hotels to keep their family safe.

One lady has been sleeping in her vehicle and showering at the hospital because she doesn’t want to bring the virus home to her elderly mother.


My cousin keeps shipping fun stuff for my kiddos….tons of snacks, tons of activity books and even a series of chapter books. We’re running low on chapter books, so that’s a huge relief.

She said she was trying to ship us some toilet paper but that didn’t work out.


And then we have to make a decision about exactly what we need to be afraid of nowadays. Should the virus scare us or should government scare us?

Our trust in everything we know to be true is eroding during this pandemic.

Hand sanitizer is selling on Amazon for $79. It’s a large vat of hand sanitizer, but it’s still ridiculous.

One thing the whole world is figuring out is that the idea of “We’re from the government and we’re here to help” during a pandemic is just not accurate. So we’re all sitting home brewing up opinions to one extreme or another.

People getting mad at others for having visitors outside of their household.

People getting mad at essential workers in stores for not wearing PPE.

People getting mad at the people who are mad at the essential workers in stores.

It’s a frustrating fight no matter what side you’re on.

Everyone’s sense of reality is so different during this pandemic, especially if you have a small business and do not know anyone who has been taken down by the virus. My heart goes out to everyone who is financially ruined by this pandemic. And my heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone by this pandemic.

We don’t know who to trust anymore.

With it hitting so close to home for my family, it has given me a different point of view because we’ve been directly impacted by the seriousness of the virus.

My brother has been in ICU for over a month now and a machine is still breathing for him.

But I am still trying to find the good and find the humor wherever possible because there is good in every bad situation. The one solid source of comfort I’ve been able to find is simply just handing it over to God.

And in the future when all of this chaos is behind us, I shall refer to the pandemic as “That one time when my sister made a day trip to Los Angeles for $30 bucks.”

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