Ugly Room Makeover | Mom’s New Office and Crafting Room

Our house is weird. It has a long and crazy history because it was a business for 30 years before it was transformed into a house.

It was a get drunk and stumble out the door kind of BAR. We technically live in a bar. And it also operated as a restaurant. From what I understand, the pizza was pretty good.

Since it was designed to be a business, nothing in our house makes much sense. From the floorplan layout to the location of the electrical outlets, windows and even the doors…it’s crazy. And then there is the industrial grade HVAC unit/well/septic systems that can accommodate hundreds of people using it at one time.

There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to any of it.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we have a huge room that doesn’t serve a defined purpose. From the descriptions of people who have been drunk inside my house during its former life as a bar, this huge room sounds like it was a dining room.

It’s literally the size of a one bedroom apartment, with four ceiling fans. Dreaded paneling. Yuck for carpet.

And five doors. The room literally has 5 different ways of entering it.

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with it. So it became sort of a storage area.

I referred to it as THE UGLY ROOM.

But even with five doorways leading into this room, it has tons of wall and floor space. I knew it had potential to “BE” something one day. I just didn’t know what to do with it.

Library? I have lots of books, and we needed to carve out a space in our home where reading and studying quietly can take place.

Bedroom? My original thought was that we could move our bedroom into the ugly room and transform our current (adjoining) bedroom as a huge “every woman’s dream” closet. One of the adjoining doors in this room leads to my husband’s mancave, so there’s really no reason why it couldn’t be a bedroom.

Living Room? The mancave is too close to this room for another television. So, nah.

Mom’s Room? WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

office before picture

The old black and grey student desk belonged to my son, but I informed him I was stealing it. He was not happy. No worries, he ultimately got a different desk for his room.

The first step to transforming this space into “my” room was to figure out how to create a functional office space. I do contract work and needed to work from home, but my make-shift set up with the desk I stole from my son just wasn’t functional.

So my husband made me a custom desk!!

He designed it with input from me. It’s 8′ long, with lots of storage and fun little hidden surprises, including a huge slide-out tracing light for projects.

That project took place almost two years ago.

But the rest of the room was still ugly and not functional. Then we inherited a bunch of furniture and THAT was the catalyst for finishing the room.

I am cheap. I do not like to spend money on frivolous items for myself. So most of the decor in my room is DIY or from a thrift store. For instance, I scored a baby crib for cheap, disassembled it and used the railing to make a cute photo holder. All for under $5.

Whitewashed walls, sofa that turns into a futon bed, DIY photo frame for under five bucks, and a table purchased at a garage sale for fifty cents, decorated by the 9 year old.

That baby crib created a nice gift for a family member, it serves as a fabric organizer, and another photo display for the kiddos in their room.

The entertainment center we inherited was the perfect size for a huge, empty wall in the huge ugly room. It has lots of storage space to put my Cricut, copier, sewing machine, and it’s great for organizing and hiding crafting supplies.

Plus, it has great lighting!

Finally found my eyeballs

All those flower vases and random glass jars that I’ve been hoarding inside a kitchen cabinet finally emerged to be repurposed into crafting supply containers. Oh, and I found those eyeballs that I lost when I went pandemic shopping at the beginning of the year.

They have a home now and won’t wonder away anymore!

I needed a place to stash my sewing supplies while in use because I kept having to hunt for them, slowing down my production time. A pizza pan, cookie tray and candlestick holder solved my problem for just pennies!

But the BEST part of the entire room is the designated puzzle table. It has turned out to be a great hit with our whole family. Putting puzzles together is a calming activity and it’s a great way to converse with each other.

Sometimes we all work on the puzzle together. Sometimes I’m the only one working on the puzzle, with one child working at the computer, another child at the craft table painting, and another child playing with the dogs on the floor. My husband isn’t a puzzle kind of person, but he likes to sit with us while we’re doing the puzzle.

The whole area has turned into a hub for our family to work on projects. With enough room to spread out into our own activity, and little spaces for closer communication and connection.

The kids are responsible for updating the date on the block calendar. The area rug is as big as a pool table, and we actually do have a pool table that I’m worried my husband might decide to put in my room! But that would actually be okay because then we can have more family time together in this room.

I can call it “Mom’s Room” all day long, but we all know that moms make plans and designs with kiddos in mind. I’m still keeping my “Mom’s Room” sign up just in case I want to kick anyone out when I need some space and time alone!

The furniture is mismatched, but it doesn’t matter because the most important part of this whole transformation is that our family has a place to plop down and relax, create and focus on each other together without the distraction of a television.

And THAT is the best part of “Mom’s Room!!”

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