Pandemic Food | What We Ate

It started off pretty bad.

Survival spaghetti, pandemic pizza, Covid corn…we started off in March naming everything we ate. Cooking is something that brings me joy and comfort during stressful times. I guess by cooking, I feel like I’m taking care of my family whenever I don’t feel like I have control over anything else going on the world.

I have wondered what everyone else was eating since way back in March 2020, when we were “on lockdown.”

If you’re like our family, we were preparing our meals at home and it got OLD quickly. It took me a while to get over my fear and actually order food from a restaurant via curbside.

Browsing through my pictures, I realized we have had some fun food moments during this pandemic that I want to share for my kiddos so they won’t forget.

I wish I would have taken pictures of everything we ate because we’ve had some creative dishes these past few months. Like the smoothies we’ve been making…those end up disappearing before I can even think about snapping a picture. Or the salmon patties that my entire family fed to the dogs when I wasn’t looking.

But, here are some of the highlights:

Where’s the BEEF? Pork was easy to find, but apparently Texomans are red meat eaters because it became hard to find steak, hamburger meat and brisket.
Survival Spaghetti
“Eating Out” literally, as a picnic
Finally, salmon, kale salad and broccoli. I really really tried to feed the family healthy.
I determined that my teenage son needed to share in the joy of cooking for the family one night per week. This was his attempt at shrimp scampi and scallops. Blackened scallops or burned scallops? YOU DECIDE!! When I asked him where the obligatory green veggie is, he pointed to the parsley flakes.
The 9 year old made breakfast a few times. She calls this her “SUNNY SIDE TOAST”. We didn’t get an after picture, but you get the idea of where this is going!
pretzel maker kit from pampered chef
It was impossible to get a pretzel during the shutdown, but that’s what my daughter had her heart set on. So I ordered a pretzel kit for her from Pampered Chef. She added too much water to the dough mixture, but we saved it. Those are some good pretzels!
This is pre-pandemic food…oh how I miss Prime Rib. One day in April, the 9 year old asked if we were having filet mignon. I informed her “there is no such thing as filet mignon during a pandemic.” We were eating for survival, not flavor.
We tried lamb. Our entire family agreed that it wasn’t a hit, so we fed the leftovers to the dogs. Since loss of smell is an indicator of Covid, just feed your dog the leftover lamb and you’ll soon know if you do or do not have Covid.
crab legs with shrimp scampi at Red Lobster
I haven’t had Red Lobster since earlier this year. I miss it. A lot. Not sure when we’re going back, but I’d love to. Don’t judge. It’s been a hard year.
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