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If you’ve been thinking about looking at buying a travel trailer, but have no idea what features are most important, I’ve created a quick guide for you containing what to consider and why these things are important.

Whether it’s sleeping space, counter space or bathroom space, the amount of room inside an RV is the top factor that leads people to decide on a certain model of travel trailer.

Counter Space

RV counter space examples

I admit that I WISH I had more counter space in our travel trailer.

  • The sink cover acts as extra counter space
  • Islands are nice, but require a slide, which adds extra weight and sacrifices space for other activities
  • Remember you can utilize the table for some items that you would temporarily place on the counter during meal prep such as chopping

Type of Table

RV tables offer more sleeping room
  • U shaped tables mean more sleeping space that can allow for two adults
  • If family meals sitting down at the table are important to you, the a U shaped table will best accommodate more family members at the table at once
  • Tables without built-in seating do not offer extra space for sleeping

Shower space

RV shower options
  • A small tub area can be a good idea for families with very young children
  • Larger or taller adults may like an enclosed shower that has more space
  • Enclosed showers can sacrifice space in other areas of the trailer

Bathroom door location

  • Entry doors attached to a bathroom allow easy access to the bathroom while on road trips
  • An entry door attached the bathroom may also be a safety hazard for children who tend to get up and play or wander during the night

Bunk House Type

RV bunk house types
  • Do you need full size bunks or will twin bunks suffice? We chose twin bunks simply because they free up more design space for a larger bathroom.
  • A separate bunk room allows children to have their “own” private place, which also comes in handy whenever you need to send them to have some quiet time

Bed type

  • Queen or king beds typically have extra storage access underneath
  • King beds typically require a slide out, which adds more towing weight
  • The RV mattress on a king or queen bed can be swapped out for a regular mattress
  • Couch beds tend to be short, so a tall adult may not be comfortable sleeping on it
  • Murphy beds are space savers because when not in use, they “fold” up on the wall


First time RVers first need to research how much weight your vehicle can safely haul.

  • Slides add extra weight. The more slides a trailer has, the heavier your load will be
  • The weight of everything you load or add in the trailer adds weight that needs to be factored into the towing capacity. For instance, we swapped out the trailer mattress with an actual comfortable mattress, which makes a huge difference in weight.

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