Send Your Kids Into Space

Okay, so your kids won’t physically end up in outer space (or maybe they will), but you can send their name into space.

NASA has a great educational program for kids of all ages, and sending names into space has such a cool factor.

Before my son could read, his name went into space on the Kepler Mission Back then it was simply submitting your name to be added on the list of names that were put onto a CD and launched in the Kepler Mission.

But since then, NASA’s efforts to engage kids’ interest in space exploration has developed into a complete STEM program. NASA has educational activities for kids of all ages…plus adult children!

And now, you get an actual “ticket” with your name printed on it…something concrete and tangible that the kids can hold and read to know they’re connected to outerspace and an exploration mission.

It has been a decade since my son’s name accompanied the Kepler Mission. and over this past pandemic Summer, all my kiddos got passports. So the whole ticket into space program helps kids feel connected to the program.

It helps prompt them to pay attention to NASA discoveries, to space missions. It helps them get better grades in school when it comes to learning about the planets.

planets school project
Sending their name into space helps them be more engaged in science class!

Because when kids have a personal experience or connection to something, they naturally gravitate towards being interested in it.

Right now, NASA is planning a mission to Mars and they’re still accepting names to go on that mission.

That mission is going to make history in a big way. So, let your kiddos be part of it. They’ll forever have a connection to MARS.

And then when they have kids, they’ll help their kids get better grades in school.


My son has decided he wants to be part of the Space Force. Years ago when I thought I was sending his name into space, I didn’t realize that there was a risk he might actually end up there for real.

Happy Space Exploration!

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