Homemade Mask Care & Wear Info

We’ve been making homemade masks! We hope you enjoy your mask that we hand made with lots of love in our hearts. Here are some basic care and wear instructions to help the mask last longer: Mask Features Pocket for filter: Your mask needs a filter to maximize its effectiveness….

Tips for Traveling in the U.S. During 2020

It’s Summer! We’re all sick of being stuck in our homes from the Covid-19 shut down. But our vacation options have dwindled down due to this pandemic issue. While you can still travel to some countries outside of the United States, it can end up being a real hassle. My…

How Accurate is the COVID-19 Test?

The doctor said that he is “highly suspicious” that my brother has COVID, even though the first two tests came back negative. So after learning this, I tried to find out how sensitive the COVID-19 tests are. I really have no answers for how valid they are, except that they…

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